Students Leadership

Okumu Brian PeterS.5AHead Prefect
Wakunyaga Daniel IsaacS.5SCDeputy Head Prefect
Maleka Herman3NHead Boy
Balwanila AksamS.3EAssistant Head Boy
Batwaine BrunoS.5SCHealth Prefect Jr
Echulau Gerald3EHealth Prefect Sr.
Nandhoka Wilson. P5SCIPrep Prefect Sr
Mulei Emmanuel3WPrep Prefect Jr
Lwanga Eric Solomon5ADining Hall Prefect Sr
Mungufeni Lincoln3NDining Hall Prefect Jr
Kulabako Makoma PaulS.5AEntertainment Prefect Sr
Ochwo Hillary3EEntertainment Prefect Jr
Opus Jonathan ReaganS.5ASports Prefect Sr
Epiaku Julius3NSports Prefect Jr
Shivansh Trivedi5ALanguage And Information Sr
Waiswa Reagan Jovan3WLanguage And Information Jr
Abongo Gabriel5SCIReligious Prefect Sr
Semu Joshua3EReligious Prefect Jr
Mukisa Elly5.ALibrary Prefect Sr
Muguywa Gerald3NLibrary Prefect Jr
Tenywa Ali2WTime Keeper
Sseremba Lawrence1STime Keeper
Dormitory Prfects  
Mubito Isaiah1WMulumba Dormitory
Opira Isaac William1CMulumba Dormitory
Kagoda Mark1CMulumba Dormitory
Lugendo Daniel1NMulumba Dormitory
Oyo Chris Jova1WMulumba Dormitory
Mulungwa Morris1SMulumba Dormitory
Omuse Emmanuel2CMuggaga Dormitory
Kavanja Gilbert2EMuggaga Dormitory
Mujungu Pius2CMuggaga Dormitory
Kisulu Isaac Newton2SMuggaga Dormitory
Mukisa Emmanuel2CMuggaga Dormitory
Namakoola Nelson3NLwanga Dormitory
Lule Henry Mayanja3WLwanga Dormitory
Oloyo Roland Yolam3EKizito Dormitory
Mabike Marvin3WKizito Dormitory
Ochan Ben5SCKagwa Dormitory
Ailet Innocent5AKagwa Dormitory
House Captains  
Aniku Joseph Paul3EKagwa House Captain
Awenghie Richard3ELwanga House Captain
Omunyokolo Brian3EMuggaga House Captain
Omwayi Henry5AGonza House Captain
Tumwesigye Mark Bright3WKizito House Captain
Council Body Position
Kato PhillipsS.5AChairman
Baganya RobertS.3WVice Chairman
Othieno EmmanuelS.5AGeneral Secretary
Etyang AurtherS.2SAsst.General Secretary
Mukisa Isaac PaulS.5ASpeaker
Kaluya SlyvesterS.2EDeputy Speaker
Isabirye JairoseS.5SCTreasurer
Daida Mark AndrewS.1EAssistant Treasurer
Waiswa IbrahimS.5AD.H Councillor Sr
Okware IsaacS.3ED.H Councillor Jr
Mpoola AksamS.5ASecretary Publicty
Opio StanleyS.2NAss. Secretary Publicity
Kaliro GeoreS.5SCProject Manager
Wanyama BrianS.5SCSecretary External Affairs
Opio Robrt3E 
Mununzi JuliusS.1W 
Mulmba  ElvisS.1E 
Kabi RaymondS.2W 
Mwigo Bileon NicholasS.1C 
Tadhuba SamiluS.2C 
Balibuza AaronS.1N 
Osele Aoron4E 
Nkoyoyo Ian4N 
Nkume Zakariah4W 
Kato Samuel4S 
Attah Joel6A 
Nambasi Mark6SC. 
Class Monitors
Okello LeonardS.1S 
Kabanda Lastone EdrineS.1W 
Kawube JoshuaS.1C 
Oule Alex MarkS.1N 
Waniaye OpriteS.1E 
Owor Shalom EzraS.2C 
Mukunya Moris ElvisS.2W 
Musasizi TimothyS.2N 
Kimaru  RonaldS.2E 
Odongo IsaacS.2S 
Odyek SolomonS.3N 
Obonyo RobertS.3E 
Mwidhu EricS.3WAss.Head Monitor
Mwase AlexanderS.4E 
Magomu JonahS.4N 
Satulo AllanS.4S 
Irumba GodwinS.4W 
Talemwa KennedyS.5SC 
Waako LionelS.5AHead Monitor
Wathum Phillip JuniorS.6SC 
Gizamba Allan TitusS.6A 


The Chairman PTA Executive Committee, the Executive Committee members, Board of Governor members present, our dear parents/Guardians/sponsors, members of staff, student leaders and students’ body, ladies and gentlemen.

Dear parents/guardians and invited Guests, I warmly welcome you to Jinja College.

I am Okumu Brian Peter (S.5Sc), the Head prefect of Jinja College 2019 – 2020. Being deputised by Wakunyaga Daniel Isaac (S.5A) assisted by Maleka Herman (S.3N) and Balwanila Aksam (S.3E). All together we are a team of 102 leaders comprising of 44 prefects, 27 councilors and 30 class monitors.

Jinja College is a great school which nurtures responsible gentlemen. Academically sound, morally upright, God fearing, hardworking and disciplined citizens of this country.

The school provides quality education and welfare to all students and endeavors to promote continuous professional development and improve staff welfare too.

I would like to inform you that there is peace, harmony and co-operation among students. This is strengthened by the fact that each class is assigned a specific dormitory, Mulumba house for our S.1 brothers, Mugagga for S.2, Lwanga and Kizito for S.3, Gonza house plus Kizito B for S.4 while Kaggwa is for A’ level students.

We are privileged in such a way that talents are developed alongside academics. This is evident through the different co-curricular activities put in place for example we participate in debates, football, basketball to mention but a few. We even have tournaments such as inter house and inter streams competitions. And I am very proud and glad to say my house (Kizito) won in MDD and roasted a bull, Lwanga house also roasted a bull for sports. All this makes JICO a home away from home.

However, we as students face a few challenges here and there and these include;-

  • In adequate text books most especially for students who take on Literature and A’ level science students.
  • Inadequate pocket money and personal requirements which makes life hard.

We therefore request you our dear parents to always improvise enough and we promise, we shall achieve the best out of our education.

Not only do we need scholastic materials but also your time. For that matter therefore we expect you on Thursdays to check on our academic progress and on school events such as visiting days so that we enjoy your company.

Conclusively, I thank the organizers of this event and our parents for coming. We wish you journey mercies to your different destinations.

God bless you all.

For God and my country as we strive to excel

Okumu Brian Peter

Head prefect