Welcome to Jinja College School

Our vision is to be an academic institution where provision of quality education for life in a dynamic world guides all activities.

From the Headmaster

From 1946 when Jinja College was established by the Mill Hill Missionary fathers, the gallant boys who pass through this institution are taught to Strive  to Excel. That has always been and will continue being our motivation.

School Anthem

Jinja College, the school that unites us

And makes us shine

Here we have come

Strive to excel for a better generation to rise

Higher never low to equip young people with skills

Knowledge, strength and love

Jinja College, a lively school

A home that grooms wise and humble gentlemen

Blessed with discipline and Wholesomeness

Forward we look to be a centre of change

Ready to change the entire nation.

Jinja College, a school that provides us

Quality education for life

Having faith in God

Sure of our might we delight

Share, with confidence we lead.

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