Jinja College is a catholic founded boys boarding school located on Rubaga hill two kilometers north of Jinja city.

The school was founded in 1946 by the Mill Hill Missionary Fathers when the administration of Budini College decided to transfer the institution to a site with easy access to social amenities.  They moved to occupy the premises which had been vacated by the Franciscan sisters.  Fr. Mc Gough became the first head teacher of the new institution now named Jinja College.  Initially, a private junior school (S.1 to S.3) became a government aided school and upgraded to secondary status (S.1 to S.4) in 1965 with Fr. Jones as its head teacher.  In 1981, the school was upgraded again to “A” level status (S.1 to S.6), offering Arts and Science subjects with Mr. Boniface Kategano as the head teacher.

School Anthem

Jinja College, the school that unites us

And makes us shine

Here we have come

Strive to excel for a better generation to rise

Higher never low to equip young people with skills

Knowledge, strength and love

Jinja College, a lively school

A home that grooms wise and humble gentlemen

Blessed with discipline and Wholesomeness

Forward we look to be a centre of change

Ready to change the entire nation.

Jinja College, a school that provides us

Quality education for life

Having faith in God

Sure of our might we delight

Share, with confidence we lead.