School Projects

Accomplished projects 2019/2020

  • Completion of the Bishop Joseph B. Willigers multi-purpose hall
  • We constructed two new class rooms plus an office and fully furnished them.
  • Construction of a fourteen stance water-borne toilet at the lower dormitory area.
  • Construction of three roomed staff quarter to accommodate the kitchen staff and furnished it with six beds.
  • Installed three new energy saving boilers.
  • Renovated three dormitories in the lower compound.
  • The library was repainted.
  • Acquired a new vehicle for Head teacher’s office.
  • Equipped with additional computers the student’s computer lab and the staff computer laboratory.
  • Constructed a bus shade.
  • Vaccinated against Hepatitis B for new students.
  • Facilitated co-curricular activities for the students up to national level.

The budget objectives for 2020/2021 are as follows;-

  • We propose to expand Mulumba house to accommodate more students.
  • New water borne toilet at Mugagga dormitory.
  • Renovation of the remaining dormitories at the lower compound.
  • Repainting of S.2 class room block.
  • Renovation of Mugagga dormitory.
  • Installation of four cooking boilers.
  • Construction of washing bays in the lower compound.
  • Fencing of the dormitories.
  • Maintenance of school plant.
  • Care of students’ welfare and staff.
  • Catering for teaching and learning process to improve on academic performance.
  • Funding of co-curricular activities.
  • Funds to cater for the preparation of Platinum Jubilee celebration.
  • Insurance cover for the school plant and vehicles.