Photo Gallery: Jinja College Old Boys Association (JICOBA) Home Coming and AGM 2023

Jinja College was filled with nostalgia and excitement as the Old Boys of the institution gathered for the much-anticipated JICOBA Home Coming event. The event, held on 15th July 2023, brought together former students from various graduating classes, eager to reconnect with their alma mater and each other. The day was filled with joyful reunions, heartfelt speeches, a sumptuous meal, and a sense of pride that permeated the air.

The day commenced with the arrival of the Old Boys, as they eagerly stepped foot onto familiar grounds once again. The college’s atmosphere buzzed with anticipation as alumni from different generations shared warm embraces and lively conversations. It was a sight to behold as friendships were rekindled and memories were shared, reflecting the strong bond that exists among the Jinja College community.

To honor the occasion, a Holy Mass was held to offer gratitude for the education received and to remember those who had passed away. The solemn ceremony provided a moment of reflection, reminding the attendees of the values instilled during their time at Jinja College.

Following the Mass, introductions and speeches took center stage. The Head Teacher, welcomed the Old Boys and expressed his gratitude for their continued support. He highlighted the college’s achievements and shared his vision for its future growth and development. The speeches were met with resounding applause, as the alumni showed their appreciation for their alma mater’s progress.

One of the highlights of the event was the presentation of gifts to the long-serving staff members who had dedicated years of service to Jinja College. The Old Boys expressed their deep gratitude to these individuals, acknowledging their tireless efforts in shaping the lives of generations of students. The emotional moments brought tears to many eyes, as the impact of these educators was recognized and celebrated.

To further celebrate the occasion, a delicious lunch was served, bringing everyone together around tables filled with delectable dishes. Laughter and conversations filled the air as the Old Boys enjoyed their meal, sharing stories and catching up on each other’s lives. The camaraderie and sense of community were palpable, as friendships were strengthened and new connections formed.

After the satisfying meal, the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and elections took place. This important event provided an opportunity for the Old Boys to discuss the association’s progress and make key decisions. Reports were presented, outlining the achievements and initiatives undertaken by JICOBA over the past year. The elections allowed for new leaders to be chosen, ensuring the continuity of the association’s goals and objectives.

During the day, the Old Boys also had the chance to embark on a college tour, revisiting the classrooms, dormitories, and sports facilities that had played a significant role in their formative years. The tour evoked a range of emotions as alumni reminisced about their experiences, recalling fond memories and the impact the college had on their personal and academic growth.

In true Jinja College spirit, the day included sporting activities. Football matches, basketball games fostered the old spirit of the college.

As the day drew to a close, the Old Boys bid farewell, promising to stay connected and contribute to the growth of their beloved Jinja College. The Home Coming and AGM had not only brought together a community of individuals but had also reinforced the values of unity, gratitude, and lifelong learning that Jinja College instills in its students.

To capture the essence of the day, a photo gallery has been compiled, showcasing the heartwarming moments, laughter, and reminiscences shared by the Jinja College Old Boys. The gallery serves as a visual testament to the power of education, friendship, the delightful meal, and the unwavering spirit of the Jinja College community.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Old Boys for their continued support and dedication to their alma mater. The JICOBA Home Coming and AGM 2023 will forever be etched in the annals of Jinja College history as a testament to the lasting impact of the institution and the lifelong connections it fosters.

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